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About us

Our trainers are members of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT). This should give you confidence in our abilities to help you with your dog, whether they are a puppy, rescue or older dog.  

Meet the Trainers

The club was founded by the late Kath Bell and her husband Fred over 40 years ago.

We have a wealth of experience and continue today with Fred at the helm. Fred and Kath trained dogs to top competition level, reaching Crufts and holding instructors seminars all over the world.

Fred has owned a variety of dogs over the years but German Sheperds hold a special place in his heart. His current partner in crime is Jake, a rescue GSD who is now 10 years old and keeps Fred on his toes!

Sharon and Paul joined the club over 20 years ago and unfortunately Fred has been stuck with them ever since.

Golden retrievers are their downfall and it was their first Goldie Becky who originally introduced them to the wonderful world of dog training.

Sharon is now head of training and currently working towards becoming a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and when she isn't instructing will ususally be working one of her dogs Ella or Evie.

Paul is usually found working one to one with our clients dogs who need that individual touch.

Lorraine has also joined our training team, after working as a training assistant  for many years Lorraine is now enjoying helping our dogs and handlers too as a trainer. Lorraine also enjoys working her border collie Blue.

Fred and Kath's son Andrew and his wife Jo also run a dog training club in Southern Ireland - keeping up the family business; please see the Frontier Way Dog Training page for their details.



Sharon & Paul

Evie & Ella


Lorraine & Blue